Camshaft bearing cast iron/bronze lining

Cast camshaft bush housing with phosphor bronze bushings When the engine is warmed up, do the valves rattle even they are set to within spec? Most BMW models have a camshaft bush housing made of aluminium. This has 2 main disadvantages: 1. Rapid wear 2. Aluminium expands about twice as much as steel due to heat. This leads to increased valve play. As the BMW original cast camshaft bush housings with bronze bushings are no longer in production we have had this part specially cast and CNC machined. This setup significantly reduces valve gear noise. Fits all 2V Boxer /5 /6 /7, R and 248 models, R 45/65 , R 50/5, R 60/5, R 75/5, R 60/6, R 75/6, R 90/6, R90S,R 60/7, R 75/7, R 80/7, R 100/7, R100S, R100RS, R100RT, R100CS, R80G/S, R80ST, R80RT, R80GS, R100GS, R100PD, R100R, R80Basic
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