Forté Motopower II

Forté Moto Power II is a multifunctional petrol treatment agent for motorcycles, and is a complement to Forté Moto Power I. Forté Moto Power II offers the following benefits: • Prevents ageing of petrol and neutralises noxious acids, which are generated by chemical reactions. • Protects against corrosion and prevents build-up of resin and lacquer in the fuel system. • Reduces deposits on intake and exhaust valves, in combustion chambers and in the upper piston ring grooves. • Prevents freezing of the carburettors. • Lubricates upper cylinder, injectors and the fuel pump. • Improves combustion and reduces noxious exhaust gas emissions. • Optimises fuel consumption, and improves performance and throttle response of the motorcycle. Forté Moto Power II is compatible with all types of petrol, up to E10. Forté recommends using Forté Moto Power I at each service to keep the fuel system clean, and when symptoms indicate that treatment is necessary.
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